Hiring Press release writers – Things you need to know now

If you are the hiring authority of any news organization, and looking to hire skilled press release writers, then you have to know specific, important matters about hiring press release writers. You should always search out of that person who is able to write press releases upon your requirement will utilize little time to save your money and time, let you manage other organizational activities.

The important things you need to know that hiring press release writers can also help you to save from disgrace and shame of press release writing inability.

Here, I have discussed few things you need to know now to hiring press release writers.

1.)  Ask the press release writer about his/her educational background. Let’s know if they have a educational background in either marketing, public relations, or the news business? Ask them about their previous experience in press release writing. The professionals who write press releases should have educational background and academic degrees in public relations or journalism or something related to marketing experience. They should have clear, firm idea and experience on new press release writing, business press release writing with quite professionalism.

2.) Ask them to show couple of samples of their previous press releases writing tasks that they had done by themselves. Perhaps their press releases have been posted somewhere online. After having a look on their works you will understand how they write the press releases that got accepted by press release distribution sites and got posted online.

3.) Ask the applicant where the press release will be submitted, as well as, how and when they will submit it. By asking this and upon getting the answer, you will understand that the applicant has clear idea about submission place and procedure of press releases. Also ask them to provide you a list of sites and institutions where the press release will be submitted.

4.) Ask the applicant to submit a press release first to you for your approval before they will submit to the press release distribution sites. Though they are brilliant writer, but you know the best of your business – so, they could express something in a way that is not true for your business, or they could leave out something that you would like to be included, etc.

5.) Let’s discuss with them about their idea of online vs. offline media – I specially suggest about online publicity of press release, as the publicity through the mainstream media such as television, newspapers, and radio has limited ability to reach your target customers worldwide. If any press release writer tells you to being featured on PRNewswire, PRWeb, or Business wire, or any other online press release distribution site, is a manner to get selected up by mainstream media – is wholly embellishing.

Having your press release published on these sites could get the interest of a TV news crew or newspaper editor – but there is completely no guarantee to happen this, and it’s actually quite doubtful.  That takes a genuine publicist. So be careful of false promises. These are the things you need to know now to hiring press release writers.