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3 reasons you need an article writing service

3 reasons you need an article writing service

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Prevent Cancer by Healthy Lifestyle – Good Food Habit

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Cancer is one of the most feared diseases of all time. There are different kinds of cancer that can attack both men, women and children. While modern medicine does claim a little success in the prevention of some kinds of cancer, its failure rate is very high.

The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 1,400,000 patients will be diagnosed with cancer in the year of 2006. More than halve million people will die of cancer in 2006. More over, it is believed that 41.28% of men and women born today will be diagnosed with cancer at some time during their lifetime. This is nearly one person in two.

If we can spend our daily life with a healthy practice, hopefully, the frequent incidence of cancer will reduce. As Research has found that in body, all healthy cells obtain their energy from oxygen, while cancer cells get their energy from fermentation, or the production of sugars.

Cancer is caused by an oxygen deficient, glucose-rich (sugar) environment. However, we can give a heavy fight against cancer when our body flooded with fresh aerobic oxygen !!

Our body needs to have a proper pH balance in order to be in optimum health. A higher pH is more alkaline and
oxygen rich. A lower pH is more acidic and deprived of oxygen. A pH of 7.0 or higher is alkaline. Below 7.0 is considered as acidic.

Follow these basic guidelines of eating discussed below, to keep balance of your body pH.

** Drink lot of water.
** Eliminate all soda pop.
** Reduce the amount of meat that you eat regularly.
** Minimize your consumption of sugar and sweets.
** Eat lot of vegetables, including raw vegetables.

Follow some other healthy practices:

** Do regular exercise.
** Get adequate sleep.
** consume good quality vitamin and supplements.
** Reduce stress in your life.
** Enjoy life, keep laughing enough, it will keep well your heart.
** Have at least one or two pets. dog or cats, they can be wonderful friends to have around.
** Don’t smoke.
** Use natural cleaning products as much as possible.
** Avoid excessive use of pesticides.
** Always try to eat organic foods, and avoid processed foods.

Fruits, vegetables and meats can all be obtained organically. As, organically grown foods are free from the use of pesticides and usually have a higher vitamin and mineral content than conventionally grown foods. Your healthy food habit can save you a lot from the suffering from many diseases like cancers.

How Nutrition Can Enhance Cancer Prevention

For many years it was assumed that what you ate each day had little or nothing to do with helping in the prevention of many of our deadliest cancers. However, recent research has proven that nutrition does indeed play a major role in the prevention and treatment of many types of cancer.

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are believed to enhance and spread malignancies through the bodies system, and this is needed to help prevent cancer. There are also vitamins and minerals that help to prevent the growth of cancer tumors.

The National Cancer Institute has reported that one third of all cancer is diet related. They have also gone on to say that making changes in the diet can help to prevent most of the cancer that is related to nutrition.

Research has shown that diets that include fruits and vegetables eaten on a daily bases, according to the recommended daily allowance, give a reduced risk of the majority of the deadliest cancers. For a diet to provide a reduced risk, certain vitamins and minerals must be included. This means that foods that are rich in bioflavonoids, fiber, and vitamins A, C, and E must be consumed regularly. These all seem to help to slow, stop, and even reverse the process that leads to cancer.

Now, everyone knows that cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer, particularly cancer of the lungs. But many of the cancers caused by smoking are related to a severe lack of vitamin C. Cigarette smoking depletes vitamin C in the body very quickly. It is highly recommended that smokers follow a diet with more fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of vitamin C to replenish the bodies depleted supply.

Most cancer patients are referred to a registered dietitian to help promote a diet that will help aid in the bodies healing and recovery process. In the final stages of cancer, most patients do not feel like eating. In the past, many of these patients were force fed. However, recent research has shown that when a patient does not feel like eating, it is the body’s way of trying to starve the cancer.

During the time that the body is trying to starve the cancer, doctors will go into action and bombard the cancer with treatments. When the cancer is destroyed, the patient’s appetite will return back to normal and the body’s recovery can take place.

While we have learned how certain nutrients included in the diet can help prevent, slow down and even reverse many forms of cancer, there are numerous forms of cancer most of which are very deadly and many people do not survive the ordeal.

If you are ever one of the unfortunate ones that acquire one of these deadly cancers, or someone you know does, always remember that proper nutrition will help through the process. Aside from your doctor and specialist, it will pay you ten fold to seek out the aid of a qualified registered dietitian who can put together a nutrition plan for you that will help you fight the cancer every step of the way. Your doctor may even refer you to a dietitian as part of your treatment.

Six Ways to Prevent Cancer

Ways to Prevent Cancer

You may have recently read that due to advances in the treatment of heart disease, cancer has become the number one killer in North America. This is interesting news.

You might want to know how you can possibly prevent and fight cancer, but if you do have or even think you have cancer or any other health condition, be sure to consult your primary care physician for proper diagnoses and treatment. This article is for information purposes only. Here the Six Possible Ways to Prevent Cancer or Fight Cancer is briefly described below.

Follow these Ways to Prevent Cancer :

1. Juicing is a powerful way to find health, partly because fresh juice has powerful antioxidants but also because juices contain loads of phytochemicals.

All of the plant chemicals have NOT been isolated but just remember that most of todays drugs are synthetic imitations of naturally occurring plant chemicals. There is speculation that these phytochemicals work better in the combinations that nature has produced them in.

Fresh fruit juice provides those phytochemicals to the body. In order to make fresh juice, consider getting a juicer or a A Vitamix blender.

It is a lot easier to get the health benefits of drinking a pound of carrots rather than trying to eat a pound. A pound of carrots basically makes less than a full cup of juice.

Just think about how many powerful phytochemicals you can get into your body this way.

And cabbage juice has been rumoured to lower the risk of cancer. It doesn’t taste great, but so what? This may be due to a chemical that rapidly disappears after the cabbage becomes juice, so you must drink it quickly.

Vitamin U which comes from cabbage juice has been very useful to people with ulcers.

2. Antioxidants can reduce the amount of free radicals in the body. Many scientists consider that the actions of free radicals in your body may lead to cancer. Some excellent antioxidants include vitamins A,C and E, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Coenzyme Q-10 (available at health food stores or online).

3. Your mental state is important, grab a copy of Bernie Siegel’s book, ‘Love, Medicine and Miracles’. This book talks about patients who went into remission. Bernie believes their remissions were due to changes in their mental states. basically, by becoming more loving towards others they may have affected a change in their bodies.

4. Use Essiac Tea – which is a special blend of herbs that was used by Indians in Canada. A Canadian nurse used it to treat many cancer patients. This combination of herbs includes Turkish Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root and Slippery Elm Bark.

5. Read the book ‘How to Fight Cancer and Win’ – This book remains popular despite the fact that it was written over a decade ago. The author used to work for a pharmaceutical company in Germany. He travelled far to find the information he shares in this book.

6. Get the right kind of exercise. The Falun Dafa exercises are perfect for frail, physically unfit people as well as those who are in great shape. Ask your doctor before changing your level of physical activity.

This article is for informational purposes only. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or prevent any health condition or problem. If you have a health condition or issue or think you might, contact your primary care physician for proper diagnoses and/or treatment.

How Cigarettes Cause Cancer

How do cigarettes cause lung cancer?

In addition to containing many toxic gases, the tar found in your favorite brand has a lot of cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) as well as carcinogens which increase the production of cancer cells.

This leads to the development of small cell (oat) carcinoma, the deadliest form of lung cancer, and squamous cell cancer – both of which are usually found in smokers.

“Your risk of lung cancer increases with the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, the number of years you smoke, the amount of smoke you inhale, and the amount of tar and nicotine in the cigarettes you smoke,” said Dr. David E. Larson, editor-in-chief of the “Mayo Clinic Family Health Book.”

While lung cancer is primarily a male problem, many women now have the disease, probably because the number of female smokers has increased. In the United States, lung cancer has surpassed breast cancer in terms of cancer deaths in women.

“The higher rates of tobacco-related cancers among men reflect the fact that in the past, more men than women smoked, and smoked heavily. In recent years, the proportion of smokers among males has been steadily decreasing in many developed countries. Unfortunately, the proportion of smokers among women has been steadily increasing all over the world,” according to Drs. Adriano V. Laudico, Divina B. Esteban, Corazon A. Ngelangel, and Lilia M. Reyes in “Cancer Facts and Estimates.”

“With many more women smoking than ever before, the number of women with lung cancer has increased at an alarming rate, so that smoking is now responsible for 75 percent of all lung cancers in women. The cancer rate for female smokers is 67 percent higher than for nonsmokers,” said Marrion Morra, assistant director of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center at Yale University in Connecticut, and Eve Potts in “Choices: Realistic Alternatives in Cancer Treatment.”

Even nonsmokers aren’t spared from the onslaught of lung cancer. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that between 500 and 5,000 cases of lung cancer appear each year in nonsmokers as a result of inhaling someone else’s smoke. The side stream smoke inhaled by a nonsmoker has a higher percentage of tar, nicotine, and other poisonous gases – all of which contribute to lung cancer.

“The tobacco industry likes to tell people that there are other causes of lung cancer. But there is no denying the fact that smoking is a major cause of the disease. I don’t think we have to look for other causes,” said Dr. Calixto Zaldivar, former director of the Lung Center of the Philippines.

Other risk factors for lung cancer include exposure to industrial carcinogens such as asbestos, chromium compounds, radioactive ores, nickel, arsenic, and other irritating substances.

“A worker in these kinds of industries who smokes faces an even greater risk. If you are over 40, smoke two packs a day, and/or are in an occupation that is thought to be cancer producing, you should have frequent medical checkups,” Morra and Potts said.

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Commonn Causes Of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Causes

Cigarette smoking is the most important cause of lung cancer. Research as far back as the 1950s clearly established this relationship.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which have been identified as causing cancer.

A person who smokes more than one pack of cigarettes per day has a 20-25 times greater risk of developing lung cancer than someone who has never smoked.

Once a person quits smoking, his or her risk for lung cancer gradually decreases. About 15 years after quitting, the risk for lung cancer decreases to the level of someone who never smoked.

Cigar and pipe smoking increases the risk of lung cancer but not as much as smoking cigarettes.

About 90% of lung cancers arise due to tobacco use. The risk of developing lung cancer is related to the following factors:

The number of cigarettes smoked

The age at which a person started smoking
How long a person has smoked (or had smoked before quitting)

Other causes of lung cancer, including causes of lung cancer in nonsmokers, include the following:

Passive smoking, or secondhand smoke, presents another risk for lung cancer. An estimated 3,000 lung cancer deaths occur each year in the U.S. that are attributable to passive smoking.

Air pollution from motor vehicles, factories, and other sources probably increase the risk for lung cancer, and many experts believe that prolonged exposure to polluted air is similar to prolonged exposure to passive smoking in terms of risk for developing lung cancer.

Asbestos exposure increases the risk of lung cancer nine times. A combination of asbestos exposure and cigarette smoking raises the risk to as much as 50 times. Another cancer known as mesothelioma (a type of cancer of the lining of the chest cavity called the pleura or of the lining of the abdominal cavity called the peritoneum) is also strongly associated with exposure to asbestos.

Lung diseases, such as tuberculosis (TB) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), also create a risk for lung cancer. A person with COPD has a four to six times greater risk of lung cancer even when the effect of cigarette smoking is excluded.

Proper Diet And Exercise Help To Prevent Cancer

While everyone is well aware that proper diet and exercise are paramount to good health, still many people find it too much of an inconvenience to watch what they eat and to exercise. These people may feel that the benefits that they may get from all that effort is not worth the hassles of watching calories, cutting fat, running about, and moving weights around. But what if there was a benefit, and I mean a real good benefit, associated with proper diet and exercise? Maybe that would at least make those who don’t worry about diet and exercise give a little more thought to it.

Well, as if the already known benefits of proper diet and exercise aren’t enough to make some people want to incorporate them into their lives, perhaps the following information from Purdue University and Science Daily will be enough incentive to get them off their duff’s and give it a try.

According to Dennis Savaiano, dean of Purdue’s school of consumer and family sciences and professor of foods and nutrition, ‘poor diet and lack of exercise are responsible for just as many cases of cancer as cigarette smoking’.

He says, “approximately one third of cancer cases are related to smoking, one third is related to poor diet and lack of exercise, and one third is related to genetic or other factors”.

Most people are already well aware of the ill health effects of cigarette smoking, but the percentage of obesity and the rate of poor diet in America is a cause for serious concern. It is estimated that 65% of Americans are overweight with 30% being at least clinically obese. This is further escalated by the fact that 15 to 20% of the children in America are considered overweight. The main reason for this alarming statistic overall is the rate of poor diet seen in America.

Savaiano, who is chairman of the Food and Nutrition Science Alliance, along with several other members of the organization, recently reviewed scientific studies on diet and cancer. The group has since issued a statement urging Americans to change their diets in order to help reduce the number of cancer related deaths.

While Savaiano notes that some types of cancer are influenced more by diet than others, nutrition and food scientists agree that these four methods are practical ways to lower the risk of cancer:

1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.
2. Avoid highly processed foods that are high in fat and sugar.
3. Limit or avoid consumption of alcohol.
4. Get in some moderate or vigorous exercise daily.

Much of the reason why people have trouble getting into a healthy lifestyle can be attributed to lack of knowledge on how to start with exercise programs and proper diet plans, and to marketing which is mostly geared toward foods that are high in fat and excess calories and low in nutritional value. Not much marketing is done to promote fruits and vegetables or whole grains.

Long hours at work also attribute to less meal preparation and more fast food and takeout food purchases. It will take some effort on your part, but making healthier food choices and exercise a part of your life can and most likely will give you rewards that no amount of money can buy.

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