Finding the best article writers – a couple of tips

I f you are looking to finding the best article writer, keep concern about some specific things. Here, I am going to discuss about a couple of tips to finding the best article writers.

–         The best article writer will have solid, strong portfolio describing about her/his job objective, experience, name of skilled areas on which she/he is a specialist writer.

–         The best article writer should have previous experience on article writing. It’s better to having experience of working on famous online freelance work places such as oDesk, Elance, Guru, etc. Let’s know about oDesk freelance writers. If any applicant writer has complete oDesk hours at least 100 hours, his experience is acceptable. You may accept her/his as a good article writer.

–         Find article writers who have previously worked in oDesk, Freelancer, Elance and Guru.

–         Writers from these market places knows the right article writing guide lines, as they has to maintain and follow the well established writing guidelines which are strictly determined by all “writer recruiting agencies worldwide”.

–         You don’t have to make learn these rules and guidelines to the applicant writer. This will make you confirm to finding the best article writers.

–          Let’s check the portfolio of the writer. Get an idea about those companies with which she/he worked before.

–         Let’s have a look on her/his previous writing samples, online publications (if have any), newspaper publications (if have any).  You will get an idea about the writing standard of the writer.

–         Let’s look upon her/his bidding price rate. A best article writer will offer you a standard price value for her/his own.

–         The best article writer will mention the minimum submission timeline of any project, from this you will get an idea about either they strictly follow the article submission deadline or not. It is one of the most important facts to be a best article writer and then find them out.

–         Don’t try to find writers from so called classified websites, you may find high rated, irregular writers, they will not fulfill your requirements, may not provide quality contents. As those classified websites have low quality writers and foreign writers.

–         You can give article recruitment circular in online and newspaper with a short form contains a list of your requirements. Ask interested applicants to fill the requirements page upon your direction. After this, just wait and see. Only experienced, solid writers will apply to you.

–         Select your preferred writers from the list of applicants. Call them in interview. Ask them about your job requirements. Who will fill your demand? Find out them.

–         Ask them if they are able to meet your timeline strictly. This is very important. As if your business will forward with their writing, so they should be definitely punctual to maintain exact timeline.

–         The final thing is that you should think whether or not you are prepared to promote your business. If you are done with the total plan, design and development of your business, and you want to go ahead, you will completely need to take good concern of the above tips to heart.