3 steps towards finding a good article writer

If you’re on the way of establishing a SEO writing agency or interested to organize an article writing campaign, you’re maybe considering of hiring a good article writer. Over internet, there are plenty of freelance workplaces, such as oDesk, Elance, Guru, and Freelancer, where you may find and hire article writers. Now, let’s follow the 3 steps towards finding a good article writer.

–        Find an experienced writer with strong portfolio profile

The first step of finding a good article writer is that you have to check out the profiles of all applicant writers to have an idea about the experience of the applicant. If your aim is to set up a profitable writing business agency then you must find experienced article writers. Except a good article writer, amateur writers will understand the company demand of professional article writing service. Article writing is sounds so simple, however, practically, it not as easy as it sounds. Good article writers know the techniques of how to write high quality, unique, informative, SEO articles, which is not possible to serve by an amateur writer. So, find an experienced article writer with strong portfolio profile. Besides of experience, a good article writer is able to maintain the submission timeline of articles. Maintaining the submission deadline is one of the most vital points to be a good article writer.

–        Find an article writer with a previous stock of quality article samples

An experienced writer must have a big stock of previously written article samples. You can ask the applicant to show you some samples of previous works. You will get an idea about the applicants writing quality, uniqueness, and consistency of work. Furthermore, upon looking of the samples, you will also understand the applicant’s expertise on writing about diverse subject matters. For example, a good article writer can able to write on various subject matters like article on health issues, academic issues, news issues, entertainment news, etc. So, find a good article writer, who is experienced in writing with diverse subject matters. A good article is the successful creation of the writer’s well research and creativity of writing. Applicants stock of quality samples will prove his/her efficiency in front of you.

–        Find an article writer with excellent knowledge on research and writing ability

Regardless of whom you are hiring as a good article writer, they should have better understanding about the fundamentals of research through online: which information sources are more reliable, why you need to find information from numerous sources, and what to do if the information is tough to find. Ask the applicant if he/she can build up new article ideas upon instant demand. Ask the writer if willing to research and writing of articles which they never written before?

Besides these 3 steps towards finding a good article writer, you should ask the applicant if the applicant has any idea about the business policies. A good article writer will agree with your business policy so there won’t be any revelation on the way.