3 elements of a good article writer

A good article writer should have 3 vital elements, by which she/he can write good quality, unique article. These 3 elements of a good article writer are – Good Idea & Adequate Information about the Article subject, Excellent English Writing Skill, and Consistency in Writing. I have discussed these 3 elements below.


** Good Idea & Adequate Information about the Article subject

If you think to write any article, then first you have to decide the topics or subject matter of the desired article on which you want to write about. Let’s think step by step. For article writing, the first thing you need to have is a good idea and adequate information about the article. This is the prime preparative step to start writing. You can have your own knowledge about the selected subject, or you may come up with searching and gathering of adequate information through books, journals, or web searching. Let’s organize your thoughts of how you want to write this. Think to be creative in writing. Upon gathering your ideas and thoughts of writing, let’s start writing.


** Excellent English writing skill

After gathering your thoughts of article construction, now, you can start writing. Which language you prefer to write? Or What will be the language of article? Obviously, the language will be English. You have to start writing logically and add all your knowledge’s and ideas of article one by one. How it is possible to write a good article from own idea? How to add information’s logically one by one? And How to co-relate all information’s with each other to build a good meaningful article? For all of these, you should have excellent English writing skill. You may have lots of valuable information’s, but they will not make any sense, unless they are not organized logically with good grasp on English vocabulary and grammar.  Without this skill, writing article in English is impossible. I telling this from my point of view, as I am also a writer, so, I know, it was not possible for me to write good articles without English writing skill and good understanding of English. So, from my point of thought, English writing skill is the second most important element of a good article writer.


­­** Consistency in writing

Now come to the third vital element of a good article writer is her/his firm consistency in writing. You will be able to create a good article if you have good consistency in at the time of writing article. Without maintaining writing consistency the article will be a meaningless gathering of words. Your confident, consistent writing can create a highly informative, unique and quality article. You will maintain a constant speed of writing at the time of article construction as if you can write an article of definite word count (400 or 500 words) within a short time.

So, these are the 3 vital elements of a good article writer. When these 3 elements work together, a writer can create a unique, meaningful article.