Rectal Cancer : Definition, Cause, Symptoms

Rectal cancer is defined as a cancer that develops in the rectum, i.e. developing of cancer in the last six inches of large intestine. Like other organs in our body, the rectum is vulnerable to many diseases and conditions, such as cancer.

Cause of Rectal Cancer:

The exact causes of rectal cancer are still unknown but the cause of developing this disease have got found. The Risk Factors of Rectal Cancer are:

* being older than 50
* family or personal history of colon cancer (a person does not need a family history of colon cancer to have rectal cancer; it is most commonly diagnosed in those without a family history.)
* personal history of polyps(small growths in the colon)
* smoking

Symptoms of Rectal Cancer :

Early stage Rectal cancer usually doesn’t have symptoms. As the disease progresses with years, symptoms include:

*shortness of breath
*blood in stool
*persistent constipation, diarrhea or other bowel changes
*thinner stools
*a fast heartbeat
*unexplained weight loss
*abdominal pain, tenderness, cramping or discomfort
*Weight loss

These Rectal Cancer Symptoms are not unique and can also be symptoms of many other conditions.