3 reasons you need an article writing service

3 reasons you need an article writing service

First- A professional article writing service will understand your vast customers demand. As customers are screaming for unique, informative and powerfully written articles which can serve their necessities. An article writing service can solve these demands. The internet is immense and has so much competition, also arising a lot every day, because of the benefits competitors may get from being on the universal web.
Freelance writers are not able to fulfill and satisfy huge customer requests and so they depend on professional article writing services to get together their business and expectations. Besides this, freelancer article writers will sometimes fail to comprise the precise keywords and phrases requisite by the client, as a result leaving the article content low quality and weak.

With the outburst of the internet, visitors and customers search for the article writing services of professionals to generate convincing articles that will put on the market. If they are not well-informed about writing SEO articles, they often try to find out the expertise of article writing services that know the significance of search engine optimization by keywords and know how to apply them. The duty of the customer is to supply the content length and probably keyword phrases.

Second – Search engine usually loves creative content writing for SEO, which is now-a-days become the minimum standard of good search engine optimization as well as, search engines always try to find uniquely written articles frequently as they are straightforward to spot on the universal web. SEO article writing service is a newest concept that is being used by bloggers, affiliate and internet marketers and small business owners. A number of individuals have found a great deal of support by professional article writing service. An article writing service is of great support for those who do not the master of the art of SEO writing. Several Internet based business owners’ contract out their work to companies for developing content of articles with the aid of writing experts.

Internet marketers think in spending money and having benefit from the skill of content writers rather than spending lot of hours trying to create wonderful articles. Furthermore, article writing services by top notch writers generate more prospects for the business. The content providers or article writing services will then systematically research the project and find the correct SEO optimized keywords to utilize. This will improve customer’s website by engendering more sales and motivating more traffic to the site.

Third – Article writing services deliveries original content with timely manner, to help internet marketers or online based small business owners to meet their plan of increasing targeted traffic or customer. The exact way of achieving a long-lasting position through all search engines is search engine optimization which continuously updates the websites. If it doesn’t generate huge traffics it needs, the business owners are most likely missing on two essential things. First, either their business website is lack in content or maybe there are not sufficient back links to the business website. Both of these problems can be solved with effective article writing services.


Finding the best article writers – a couple of tips

Finding the best article writers – a couple of tips

I f you are looking to finding the best article writer, keep concern about some specific things. Here, I am going to discuss about a couple of tips to finding the best article writers.

–         The best article writer will have solid, strong portfolio describing about her/his job objective, experience, name of skilled areas on which she/he is a specialist writer.

–         The best article writer should have previous experience on article writing. It’s better to having experience of working on famous online freelance work places such as oDesk, Elance, Guru, etc. Let’s know about oDesk freelance writers. If any applicant writer has complete oDesk hours at least 100 hours, his experience is acceptable. You may accept her/his as a good article writer.

–         Find article writers who have previously worked in oDesk, Freelancer, Elance and Guru.

–         Writers from these market places knows the right article writing guide lines, as they has to maintain and follow the well established writing guidelines which are strictly determined by all “writer recruiting agencies worldwide”.

–         You don’t have to make learn these rules and guidelines to the applicant writer. This will make you confirm to finding the best article writers.

–          Let’s check the portfolio of the writer. Get an idea about those companies with which she/he worked before.

–         Let’s have a look on her/his previous writing samples, online publications (if have any), newspaper publications (if have any).  You will get an idea about the writing standard of the writer.

–         Let’s look upon her/his bidding price rate. A best article writer will offer you a standard price value for her/his own.

–         The best article writer will mention the minimum submission timeline of any project, from this you will get an idea about either they strictly follow the article submission deadline or not. It is one of the most important facts to be a best article writer and then find them out.

–         Don’t try to find writers from so called classified websites, you may find high rated, irregular writers, they will not fulfill your requirements, may not provide quality contents. As those classified websites have low quality writers and foreign writers.

–         You can give article recruitment circular in online and newspaper with a short form contains a list of your requirements. Ask interested applicants to fill the requirements page upon your direction. After this, just wait and see. Only experienced, solid writers will apply to you.

–         Select your preferred writers from the list of applicants. Call them in interview. Ask them about your job requirements. Who will fill your demand? Find out them.

–         Ask them if they are able to meet your timeline strictly. This is very important. As if your business will forward with their writing, so they should be definitely punctual to maintain exact timeline.

–         The final thing is that you should think whether or not you are prepared to promote your business. If you are done with the total plan, design and development of your business, and you want to go ahead, you will completely need to take good concern of the above tips to heart.

3 elements of a good article writer

3 elements of a good article writer

A good article writer should have 3 vital elements, by which she/he can write good quality, unique article. These 3 elements of a good article writer are – Good Idea & Adequate Information about the Article subject, Excellent English Writing Skill, and Consistency in Writing. I have discussed these 3 elements below.


** Good Idea & Adequate Information about the Article subject

If you think to write any article, then first you have to decide the topics or subject matter of the desired article on which you want to write about. Let’s think step by step. For article writing, the first thing you need to have is a good idea and adequate information about the article. This is the prime preparative step to start writing. You can have your own knowledge about the selected subject, or you may come up with searching and gathering of adequate information through books, journals, or web searching. Let’s organize your thoughts of how you want to write this. Think to be creative in writing. Upon gathering your ideas and thoughts of writing, let’s start writing.


** Excellent English writing skill

After gathering your thoughts of article construction, now, you can start writing. Which language you prefer to write? Or What will be the language of article? Obviously, the language will be English. You have to start writing logically and add all your knowledge’s and ideas of article one by one. How it is possible to write a good article from own idea? How to add information’s logically one by one? And How to co-relate all information’s with each other to build a good meaningful article? For all of these, you should have excellent English writing skill. You may have lots of valuable information’s, but they will not make any sense, unless they are not organized logically with good grasp on English vocabulary and grammar.  Without this skill, writing article in English is impossible. I telling this from my point of view, as I am also a writer, so, I know, it was not possible for me to write good articles without English writing skill and good understanding of English. So, from my point of thought, English writing skill is the second most important element of a good article writer.


­­** Consistency in writing

Now come to the third vital element of a good article writer is her/his firm consistency in writing. You will be able to create a good article if you have good consistency in at the time of writing article. Without maintaining writing consistency the article will be a meaningless gathering of words. Your confident, consistent writing can create a highly informative, unique and quality article. You will maintain a constant speed of writing at the time of article construction as if you can write an article of definite word count (400 or 500 words) within a short time.

So, these are the 3 vital elements of a good article writer. When these 3 elements work together, a writer can create a unique, meaningful article.

3 steps towards finding a good article writer

3 steps towards finding a good article writer

If you’re on the way of establishing a SEO writing agency or interested to organize an article writing campaign, you’re maybe considering of hiring a good article writer. Over internet, there are plenty of freelance workplaces, such as oDesk, Elance, Guru, and Freelancer, where you may find and hire article writers. Now, let’s follow the 3 steps towards finding a good article writer.

–        Find an experienced writer with strong portfolio profile

The first step of finding a good article writer is that you have to check out the profiles of all applicant writers to have an idea about the experience of the applicant. If your aim is to set up a profitable writing business agency then you must find experienced article writers. Except a good article writer, amateur writers will understand the company demand of professional article writing service. Article writing is sounds so simple, however, practically, it not as easy as it sounds. Good article writers know the techniques of how to write high quality, unique, informative, SEO articles, which is not possible to serve by an amateur writer. So, find an experienced article writer with strong portfolio profile. Besides of experience, a good article writer is able to maintain the submission timeline of articles. Maintaining the submission deadline is one of the most vital points to be a good article writer.

–        Find an article writer with a previous stock of quality article samples

An experienced writer must have a big stock of previously written article samples. You can ask the applicant to show you some samples of previous works. You will get an idea about the applicants writing quality, uniqueness, and consistency of work. Furthermore, upon looking of the samples, you will also understand the applicant’s expertise on writing about diverse subject matters. For example, a good article writer can able to write on various subject matters like article on health issues, academic issues, news issues, entertainment news, etc. So, find a good article writer, who is experienced in writing with diverse subject matters. A good article is the successful creation of the writer’s well research and creativity of writing. Applicants stock of quality samples will prove his/her efficiency in front of you.

–        Find an article writer with excellent knowledge on research and writing ability

Regardless of whom you are hiring as a good article writer, they should have better understanding about the fundamentals of research through online: which information sources are more reliable, why you need to find information from numerous sources, and what to do if the information is tough to find. Ask the applicant if he/she can build up new article ideas upon instant demand. Ask the writer if willing to research and writing of articles which they never written before?

Besides these 3 steps towards finding a good article writer, you should ask the applicant if the applicant has any idea about the business policies. A good article writer will agree with your business policy so there won’t be any revelation on the way.

3 things you need in a good press release writer

3 things you need in a good press release writer

Press release writing seems as very hard as most people don’t wish to face it. Unlike conventional marketing methods, press releases need a little bit of fine distinction and quality that is not often found with common writing systems. You will feel this to be very factual as soon as you try to hire a freelance press release writer rather than a company of PR writing.

Now-a-days, press is tough to come out in this digital world, as well as it’s going to stands such a thing that truly causes problems in the long-standing for some persons, who expends most of their times and energy’s by tracking the ghosts. It seems to drive the marketing demands for major companies, when these companies really look to hire professional content service provider or press release writer to help with the intermediary stages. So, prior to jump on any given professional option of press release writer, let’s consider to looking at the most prominent 3 things you need in a good press release writer, which are – .Objectivity, Newsworthy, and Portfolio Formatting.

The Strict Impartial Thought of Writing– The first and foremost things you need in a good press release writer is his/her Strict Impartial Thought of Writing. It is a most vital aspect of a good press release writer, as press releases would have to preserve a strict impartial, editorial style. If you don’t place up the top priority on reforming certain sentences and their meanings, the ultimate press release will not be a worthy one. An amateur press release writer won’t be able to done this job accurately, that is why it’s important to look at any writer’s work or creation to understand that they are either strictly determined on the Impartial Thought of a good press release writer or not. Without this crucial quality, a press release will fall down.

An Appealing Newsworthy Writing Style– Besides with Impartial Thought of Writing, a press release writer has to be competent to transmit a message that is highly newsworthy and urgent. He/she should have an Appealing Newsworthy Writing Style of press releases that will certainly catch the full concentration of the reader in a great exciting manner. The intricate newsworthy writing manner for creating strong reader groups is a vital skill of good press release writer, as without this important skill, the written release will just be another exaggerated marketing tool.

Skilled Portfolio Formatting – A good press release writer should have good skill on portfolio formatting. Good formatting skill of press and news opens the door of a creative impression, which makes you sole unique in a very crowded niche, and helps to overcome mountain like obstacles of competitions. Though unfair formatting can go down good intentions, especially in this modern age, where it requires either to be done correctly, or disregarded by the mass people.

These are the 3 things discussed above you need in a good press release writer, which can be established by discussing to them. An expert press release writer will know all the above things and be able to interpret them with proper intelligence and fluency.

Hiring Press release writers – Things you need to know now

Hiring Press release writers – Things you need to know now

If you are the hiring authority of any news organization, and looking to hire skilled press release writers, then you have to know specific, important matters about hiring press release writers. You should always search out of that person who is able to write press releases upon your requirement will utilize little time to save your money and time, let you manage other organizational activities.

The important things you need to know that hiring press release writers can also help you to save from disgrace and shame of press release writing inability.

Here, I have discussed few things you need to know now to hiring press release writers.

1.)  Ask the press release writer about his/her educational background. Let’s know if they have a educational background in either marketing, public relations, or the news business? Ask them about their previous experience in press release writing. The professionals who write press releases should have educational background and academic degrees in public relations or journalism or something related to marketing experience. They should have clear, firm idea and experience on new press release writing, business press release writing with quite professionalism.

2.) Ask them to show couple of samples of their previous press releases writing tasks that they had done by themselves. Perhaps their press releases have been posted somewhere online. After having a look on their works you will understand how they write the press releases that got accepted by press release distribution sites and got posted online.

3.) Ask the applicant where the press release will be submitted, as well as, how and when they will submit it. By asking this and upon getting the answer, you will understand that the applicant has clear idea about submission place and procedure of press releases. Also ask them to provide you a list of sites and institutions where the press release will be submitted.

4.) Ask the applicant to submit a press release first to you for your approval before they will submit to the press release distribution sites. Though they are brilliant writer, but you know the best of your business – so, they could express something in a way that is not true for your business, or they could leave out something that you would like to be included, etc.

5.) Let’s discuss with them about their idea of online vs. offline media – I specially suggest about online publicity of press release, as the publicity through the mainstream media such as television, newspapers, and radio has limited ability to reach your target customers worldwide. If any press release writer tells you to being featured on PRNewswire, PRWeb, or Business wire, or any other online press release distribution site, is a manner to get selected up by mainstream media – is wholly embellishing.

Having your press release published on these sites could get the interest of a TV news crew or newspaper editor – but there is completely no guarantee to happen this, and it’s actually quite doubtful.  That takes a genuine publicist. So be careful of false promises. These are the things you need to know now to hiring press release writers.

Prevent Cancer by Healthy Lifestyle – Good Food Habit

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Cancer is one of the most feared diseases of all time. There are different kinds of cancer that can attack both men, women and children. While modern medicine does claim a little success in the prevention of some kinds of cancer, its failure rate is very high.

The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 1,400,000 patients will be diagnosed with cancer in the year of 2006. More than halve million people will die of cancer in 2006. More over, it is believed that 41.28% of men and women born today will be diagnosed with cancer at some time during their lifetime. This is nearly one person in two.

If we can spend our daily life with a healthy practice, hopefully, the frequent incidence of cancer will reduce. As Research has found that in body, all healthy cells obtain their energy from oxygen, while cancer cells get their energy from fermentation, or the production of sugars.

Cancer is caused by an oxygen deficient, glucose-rich (sugar) environment. However, we can give a heavy fight against cancer when our body flooded with fresh aerobic oxygen !!

Our body needs to have a proper pH balance in order to be in optimum health. A higher pH is more alkaline and
oxygen rich. A lower pH is more acidic and deprived of oxygen. A pH of 7.0 or higher is alkaline. Below 7.0 is considered as acidic.

Follow these basic guidelines of eating discussed below, to keep balance of your body pH.

** Drink lot of water.
** Eliminate all soda pop.
** Reduce the amount of meat that you eat regularly.
** Minimize your consumption of sugar and sweets.
** Eat lot of vegetables, including raw vegetables.

Follow some other healthy practices:

** Do regular exercise.
** Get adequate sleep.
** consume good quality vitamin and supplements.
** Reduce stress in your life.
** Enjoy life, keep laughing enough, it will keep well your heart.
** Have at least one or two pets. dog or cats, they can be wonderful friends to have around.
** Don’t smoke.
** Use natural cleaning products as much as possible.
** Avoid excessive use of pesticides.
** Always try to eat organic foods, and avoid processed foods.

Fruits, vegetables and meats can all be obtained organically. As, organically grown foods are free from the use of pesticides and usually have a higher vitamin and mineral content than conventionally grown foods. Your healthy food habit can save you a lot from the suffering from many diseases like cancers.